Had enough of companies like PEW expanding the gas and oil industries in the Port of Tacoma?

Then why not send a letter to the Tacoma City Council asking for a ban on fossil fuel expansion?

As you may know we've been asking the Council to ban the expansion of fossil fuels in Tacoma for four years now. Last month they disappointed us again by failing to do that (it was at least a 4-5 vote this time) and they decided to ask the Infrastructure, Planning and Sustainability (IPS) Committee (composed of Council Members) to have a look at the proposed regulations (which the City Planning Department already spent months doing with public input).

Let them know we want ZERO expansion and to stop delaying important regulations!

Seems just like another delay tactic, but nonetheless we will persist! We need to let the IPS Committee know we want no fossil fuel expansion. The City will be voting on the interim regs and non-interim regs, as they're called, again in August.

TNN covers the latest of PEW's plans for Tacoma! Check it out HERE.

Click above to hear CEO Franck Deepwell announce the exciting new projects happening in Tacoma, WA.

PEW PRESS RELEASE - February 25, 2021


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Petro Eternum Washington Brings Community Fossil Fuel Storage to Tacoma
Contact: Franck Deepwell, contact form on website www.petroeternumwa.com


    Tacoma, WA: On February 28, at around noon, Petro Eternum Washington (PEW) will break ground on an exciting expansion project in Tacoma: the PEW Pod network. At 50,000 gallons each, these “micro” tanks, measuring 24 feet in diameter and 15 feet high, will be placed in parks and neighborhoods throughout Tacoma. The first location to host such a pod will be Cummings Park* along Ruston Way, with additional locations planned for Wright Park, Kandle Park and others following soon after.


Having run out of room in the Port of Tacoma, with several tracts of land too polluted to utilize, PEW has set its sights on new ground in underutilized residential, commercial and park plots that have been underperforming economically.


“It’s thanks to Tacoma for not banning fossil fuel expansion that we’re able to do this,” said company CEO Franck Deepwell from company headquarters in Bermuda. PEW is proud to be working with the City of Tacoma, which has agreed to spend millions of taxpayer money opening up an additional fire station, providing emergency training, and strengthening roads to the tanks.


Construction of the PEW Pods will create 100 jobs for the three-month project, and those laborers will be brought in from Texas. The network will be operated remotely by computer-controlled valves to control the flow of product to tankers and barges in the Port, destined for other cities.


“This is 2021, and we’re not blind to environmental justice. That’s why we are bringing some of these PEW Pods to communities who are typically under-represented in terms of fossil fuel infrastructure - wealthier white neighborhoods,” said PEW Environmental Justice Coordinator Jack Finisterra. “After all, our industry has designated all of Tacoma as a sacrifice zone, not just the Port.”


“We need to strike while the iron’s hot,” said Mr. Deepwell, “before all this ‘global warming’ fake news gets out of control.” PEW has noted rising concern among Tacoma residents who may yet convince the City Council to ban fossil fuel expansion in May, when it reviews its interim regulations for the Port.


About PEW: Petro Eternum Washington has been proudly serving fossil fuel demands for over a century. Partnering with other industry giants, PEW was able to secure Washingtonian’s freedom by spending record-breaking millions to defeat Initiative 1631, a measure that would have taxed our freedom fuel by putting fees on carbon emissions.


*If it is overly windy on Sunday, PEW will start construction at Wright Park instead.


“Fossil Fuels Forever”